Benifits of Greenery

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Planting patterns with  varied species provide  a stunning alternative  to common building  products.

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Staff Morale

Many studies have  shown the positive  effect that plants can  have on staff morale in  the workplace.

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Improved Air Quality  Plant leaves filter out  pollutants from the  air and absorb dust  particles.

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Structure Protection  Outdoor structural  protection from both

ultraviolet rays and  acid rain is increasingly  important. Plants  provide a natural  answer to both of these  considerations.

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Increased Biodiversity  Living walls provide an  alternative ecological  habitats for insects, bats  and birds.

Social Impact.png

Social Impact 

Enhancing public areas  can reduce vandalism

including graffiti. Can  have a further positive  impact on both physical  health and mental  wellbeing.

Sound Insulation.png

Sound Insulation  Whether indoors or  outside, plants absorb  and deflect noise.

Temperature Regulation.png

Temperature Regulation

Reduces the effects  of ‘urban heat island’  in cities. Also acts as

insulation to regulate a

building’s temperature  which can even allow  for the reduction

in air conditioning


Green Wall Plant Care and Maintenance

Protecting Your Greenwall Investment By enrolling in our maintenance service, we provide you with the assurance that the value of providing a biophilic connection and your investment in a Greenwall is maintained. Our professional team of Horticulture Technicians are trained to ensure all plants receive proper hydration, the foliage is clean, all pests/ diseases are controlled, and the greenwall continues to perform in an environmentally friendly manner. It is our priority to make the on-going management of your Greenwall as smooth as possible with minimal involvement from yourselves.


Providing Professional Plant Care An important element of our service is the pruning and trimming of foliage, both to encourage new growth and to maintain the integrity of the design. The timely removal of dead and dying foliage assures the visual aesthetic and cultural requirements of the plants are being met. It is inevitable that plants will need replacing over time, our Horticultural Technicians are trained to identify and plan for these replacements which are included within our monthly fees.Plant

Replacement Guarantee SanGreens will replace at no extra charge any planting specified that fails to meet our high standards. An integral part of our service is our plant replacement guarantee. It is inevitable that some plants will fail, within our guarantee, you have the peace of mind that these replacement plant costs are inclusive in our monthly fee. Should a change of planting be required, we will consult with the you and make recommendations for alternatives to the equivalent value.

Lighting Requirement Overview A healthy green wall starts with sufficient lighting that provides a wash of luminance over the entirety of the planting. Sufficient lighting can come in the form of natural daylighting or supplementary artificial light. To ensure the green wall receives correct light to darkness ratios, 150 - 250 foot-candles (1600 - 2600 lux) shall have a maintained at a cycle of 10 - 12 hour of luminance per day. The color temperature shall be within 3500 - 6000 kelvin.